The knowledge of wilderness medicine is a primary skill for wilderness travel and once trained in wilderness medicine, you can start to put together a First Aid kit that will meet your needs. In the wilderness, an ambulance or hospital may be much further if not days away, so when seeking out first aid training consider a Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Advanced First Aid, or a Wilderness First Responder course. In these courses, first aid is taught with more in-depth and hands-on methods, and these courses emphasize patient assessment, prevention, risk management, emergency care, environmental medicine, wounds management, backcountry medicine, and teach the practical skills for treating medical emergencies while in the woods and away from an easy to reach 911 call. I hope this article will give you the basis to think about what’s already in your personal first aid kit as well as what else you might like to include. Alongside are other items - large bandanna, water bottle, and malleable splint - useful for outdoor first aid. Anyone traveling into the outdoors on day trips or multiple day trips should at a minimum have first aid training.
They offer some great kits and smaller bulk 5 packs of hard-to-find medicine and ointments, like this Water-Jel Burn Jel – 5 Pack.

The best wilderness first aid kits are ones where the contents, your experience and the likely risks are in sync. As a long time scouting canoe coach my primary first aid kit has always been a roll of electricians black tape! The following is an example of a first aid kit that I’ve come up with to meet my needs when out on trips with 2 to 4 people and up to 10 days. We promote self-direction by emphasizing the do-it-yourself culture, and we believe growing paddlesport participation advances wilderness protection.
There are some general skills that everyone should learn such as basic life support (even if you are travelling no further than the office) but you shouldn’t neglect to undertake a risk-assessment for where you are going and use this information to improve your preparation.
Adventure Medical Mountain Fundamentals First Aid Kit -This commonly found in the equipment of guides.
Bryan Hansel is a Wilderness First Responder and found the training to be worth the week plus of vacation he took to get it.

Have had a copy of this list pretty much since you posted it, and was just restocking my own kit, so referred to it as a reminder.
Below is the list that I’ve come up with for my needs when out on trips with 2 to 4 people and up to 10 days. Most basic first aid training is designed to keep a person alive until an ambulance arrives or until a hospital is reached. Depending on the products and supplies that I have on hand when I resupply, I vary the list, so that everything is about the same.

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