Unlike the radiation released during the nuclear explosion, EMP is not particularly dangerous to people. Since EMP travels line of sight it can cover a very large area if the nuclear detonation occurs high in the atmosphere. Though the EMP magnitude diminishes with distance, it may still be strong enough at thousands of miles to fry most microelectronics.
This makes the nuclear EMP a near perfect weapon for a terrorist, rather than a conventional military force. Aside from nuclear weapons there are EMP-generating devices called “explosively pumped flux compression generators.” These devices use a combination of electromagnetic physics to generate large pulses of electromagnetic energy.
Now that you have all your devices protected when the terrorist EMP event strikes you’ll be ready. EMP Diaster Prep Option 2 – Store a complete, disassembled home electrical power generation system inside very large Faraday Cages. However, if you do end up going with EMP Preparedness Option #2, you’d better be prepared to defend it. By the way, you EMP disaster prep Option #2 guys, I would wait until long after the attack before assembling your system.
An EMP blast from a single nuclear device at 20 miles altitude will cover a large portion of the US with EMP. Even the US Government admits as many 9 of 10 Americans could die within one year of a crippling EMP attack on our homeland. There are simply too many people, and too few with survival skills, for a majority of our nation to survive with no electrical power for a year. The skills our great-great grandparents called everyday life we now call survival and prepping. Let’s just say that your solar panels do survive and EMP attack and only your inverter fries. However, the amount of damage any device or appliance or electrical system takes is dependent on how large the EMP strike is and how close you are to it.

It has been well established by military experts, congressionally-commissioned studies, and intelligence reports, that an attack on our country by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is as close to an inevitability as any possible mode of attack. The reports by these experts are very clear in their predictions of the scope of destruction in the aftermath of an EMP attack.
What the reports don’t describe (and this is the crux of the whole matter for us) is the cold, dark world of survival facing a population of 350,000,000 starving citizens.
Even the most ardent The End of the World As We Know It TEOTWAWKI preppers may be ill-prepared for the EMP aftermath.
Assuming that the chance of survival for non-preppers is slim to none, there are steps that can be taken ahead of time that can improve survivability for resourceful preppers. Some would consider a quick death by the direct hit of an incinerating, nuclear bomb blast to be more preferable and, ironically, more humane than living in the aftermath of the more sinister EMP blast.
However, and some of the engineers out there can correct me, if your equipment is not hooked up to electricity it will or may survive. The real bad thing is that most EMP events are the preemptory event of a Nuclear explosion. I have believed for a long time that the end times are coming & have already started as evidenced to what is happening now. An EMP is transmitted through air; any and ALL items with a PN junction will be fused, if not protected by a Faraday cage.
I wish God would have just started us all out with a great memory of being with him and five minutes of guidance, and a simple talk of right and wrong, – just before we were born. Then he wouldn’t have to said most people to hell to burn forever in the lake of fire. I think a solar backup would be energized by the electronic wave or the flash and be fried. It seems that what we struggle with most is the concept of not having use of all our electrical devices.
One EMP preparedness survival technique is simple EMP protection otherwise known as electrical shielding.

Plan to revert to an 1860 agrarian society with the sort of survival skills our great-great-grandparents knew. You need regular amounts of food and water resources to survive and you need to be able to defend these precious resources from others. It is also the consensus of all that an EMP burst centered 250 miles over the center of our country would virtually destroy the power infrastructure, knocking the USA back to the pre-electrical age.  The dirty little secret is that most EMP aftermath assessments, propagated by these experts, project a population survival rate of between 10% and 20%.
Unless there is at least a two to three year supply of provisions stockpiled into a well-equipped doomsday bunker, 35 feet below the surface, chances of survival are greatly diminished. The cost and effort required for creating absolute invulnerability is prohibitive for most, however, each step can take survivability up a notch. I appreciate all the tips, advice and helpful code that you offer, that I would not be able to do on my own.
I and mine live in the willd and remote West coast of Tasmania, living pretty much off the grid with a wide, deep, fish laden river at my door step, rich pickings in game and natural edibles abounding, unlimited howling wind for my windmill and attached generator, 100kw of high effciiency solar array and 150 acres of rich, fertile soils, surrounded by centuries old State Forest and my own decades ago planted windbreaks of oak, jarrah, marri, karri and pine – and all well below the snowline.
However, if one were detonated at high altitude the EMP would travel outward crossing everything in its line of sight. Evasion is the best of all survival tactics and it must be applied for at least 6 months to a year to allow for the thinning of the hungry throngs.
Many appliances keep power to the computer boards that now operate them and cannot be turned off, an EMP event is going to get them. Within 24 hours after an EMP, if not sooner, virtually every household in America will be without water. When the spigots stop producing, which is immediately after the attack, people will begin to drink water from the ditches, lakes, streams, rivers, and any other source they can find.

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