According to the International Disaster Database, each country is faced with different disaster challenges. While storms rank at the top, United Policyholders’ Executive Director Amy Bach says the second most likely disaster is one most problematic for insurance consumers.
Watch the moment terrified climbers scramble for cover, as Nepal earthquake death toll passes 3,800: latest Earthquakes, along with floods, have the capacity to kill more people than any other kind of natural disaster.
In the United States, heat waves kill more people every year than any other natural disaster.
Accumulated from the past 114 years, their system tells us what the most common catastrophes are and how to prepare those looking for insurance.
The terrifying thing about massive disasters like these is that no one can do anything about them.

Disasters occur when natural or man-made hazards impact abilities to maintain your company's normal course of business. When trying to identify potential hazardeous activities, the two planned development sites are located more than one (1) to ten (10) miles away from Interstate 80 and US Highway 287. What consumers will not accept as fact from an agent, they will accept from third party information. Natural disasters large and small can happen anywhere, but Laramie, Wyoming is relatively safe from natural disasters.
In 2013 alone, 54 percent of disasters were classified as storms, amounting to a total of $12.46 billion in insured losses for the year according to Aon Benfield. Science is still unable to predict earthquakes with any accuracy, and the nature of the quake and the damage it causes will depend on numerous factors, such as the depth of the quake (in this case it was shallow, meaning more ground shaking) and the nature of the rocks.

Since NFS is the major flood insurer in the US, it would be interesting to see what its losses were. It could happen in a hundred years, in a million years, or it could happen tomorrow, but one thing is for certain: the super volcano under Yellowstone National Park will blow. Different geographical areas are susceptible to various types of disasters -- earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, solar flares, etc.

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