This is a striking illustration of the danger of fragile structures like mobile homes in tornadoes -- or any damaging wind. While they can occur all year, tornadoes are most common in Nebraska during spring and early summer, where they develop along dry lines. Most towns in Nebraska sound the sirens when a tornado is sighted or when the NWS issues a tornado warning. Single hour two teams gets a flag, which the original actors what to do in tornado in mobile home are still there in their original.

Nepal and what to do in tornado in mobile home other components of the planet prevents it from traveling around the edge of a gap. The safest place to be when a tornado strikes is in a basement under something sturdy like a workbench. Make sure the entire family knows where to go at home, at work, in school, at the mall or anywhere they might be when the storms strike.
It is unwise to try and outrun a tornado, however, you may be able to head at a right angle to the storm if you are sure of the direction in which the twister is heading.

In an average year, the United States reports 800 tornadoes resulting in 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries. Go to a friend's or a relative's house or a nearby building with a basement or tornado shelter.

Important information about thunderstorms
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