Yes that’s what I am gonna do, get out of my truck, lay on the ground next to it and wait for it to land on me.
The safest place is always a building with a reinforced tornado shelter (such as a sturdy house or office building with a basement or tornado cellar). A US Xpress driver survived getting blown off an overpass by an EF-5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma by doing the technique I just described.
A tornado watch indicates that conditions are right for tornado development and tornadoes are possible in your area.
Safely clean up what you can.[1] Once it is safe to return home or come out, begin cleaning up what you can.
Inform your children about tornadoes, so they will know some of the signs, and will stay alert.
Tornadoes usually last for about 20 seconds, but some rare ones have lasted more than an hour. One of the most important things you can do to prevent being injured in a tornado is to be ALERT to the onset of severe weather.
Even if you know the signs of a tornado, you can't always rely on your own eyes and ears alone to know if one is coming. Often, tornadoes drop down vertically and lift straight back up, so you will not always observe them coming toward you.
Local authorities may not immediately be able to provide information on what is happening and what you should do. Hopefully, none of our kiddos are ever in this situation - for a fire or a tornado or anything else.

A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been seen in your area or that radar indicates the presence of a tornado. Never go outside during a tornado to witness or calculate the distance of the tornado from your current location.
Do what you can to bring things so that they are in the safe shelter, but move quickly and stay calm. If you see a tornado and it is not moving to the right or to the left relative to trees or power poles in the distance, it may be moving towards you! If you hear a tornado watch or a severe thunderstorm watch, you should pay special attention to weather conditions. Hail can be common in some areas, however, and usually has no tornadic activity along with it. This alleviates what I call storm stress and also causes less panic and calms people down once they know where to go. A tornado emergency means that a tornado warning has been issued and it is heading toward a densely populated area. If you are in a car when a tornado hits get out and find a ditch, lie down in the ditch and cover your head. This does NOT work if the Tornado is coming at you, coming from behind you, or touches down on top of you. Move hazardous objects with care, and make a note for your insurance company on what has been damaged. Listen to local radio stations or watch local TV to stay informed, especially during conditions that are likely to form tornadoes.

Remembering these important few steps during severe weather can keep you safe from tornadoes. A severe thunderstorm warning means that a severe thunderstorm has been spotted in your area, and you should take appropriate precautions and watch for tornadoes.
Tornadoes are sometimes obscured by clouds or rain, and there is sometimes no visible funnel cloud. Part of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are rotating, whirling winds that appear in a funnel shape. These often have supplies, but it's important to bring what emergency supplies you can with you. Here in the USA, tornadoes have occurred in every month, so any time is a good time to review tornado safety procedures – for home, for school, for work, in the car, and while out and about. Make sure everyone in the family knows where to go, what to take, and how to be safe if a tornado hits. Tornadoes usually only develop in the presence of thunderstorms (though the thunderstorm may be some distance away from you), so lightning, rain, and hail (especially if occurring after a tornado watch or warning has been issued) should put you on guard.

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