Students can either purchase canned or non-perishable items with their meal points or donate unopened food from their residence halls. Food banks all over South Georgia are busy this time of the year trying to make sure everyone can have a holiday meal.
On Monday she told us she was certain this was going to be the holiday season where she'd have to go without food.
The food bank is one of many places helping take care of those in need year round, but especially during the holidays. The food bank does have an income requirement for their clients, but food isn't the only thing on their giving list.

Clients of the Thomas County Food Bank are also able to come in and get coats and blankets to get them through the winter months. The University Scholars Program is hosting a food drive from Wednesday, May 1 through Friday, May 10, where students can purchase canned or non-perishable goods from the Union Deli or Kelly Dining and place them in the Island Harvest donation bins at these locations.
There are other places people can go for help but food is extremly important during the holidays. The food bank in Thomas County is asking for donations of non-perishable food items and gently used heavy coats. Realizing that that dialogue is the threshold between communication and non-communication, I hope to join GEO’s leadership at a time we have begun dialogue with the administration, which I hope will be ongoing.

I like to think that my work in GEO so far has helped us move in that direction, and I am excited to find out what a few months of dedicating myself to furthering those goals might bring us.

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