One benefit of cloud hosting services and data centers is the ease with which data can be protected during a disaster.
In addition to housing data in a safe, secure, and accessible environment, every business should have a documented disaster recovery plan.
Some top considerations in any disaster recovery plan include alleviating customer worry, protecting data, and restoring technical functionality as soon as possible. Include a list of all mission-critical employees, along with job functions that must be covered in a disaster recovery scenario.
Any plan should name a coordinator for disaster recovery as well as several backups if the coordinator is not able to be contacted or able to perform. Include a communication plan for updating employees on the disaster recovery situation and rolling employees into the plan as necessary. Any disaster recovery plan should include an inventory of all company assets, both digital and physical. Housing data in a safe and secure environment such as a data center can help alleviate some of the worry when a disaster happens, but having a plan before an emergency happens is always best. That’s why your Reno business needs a well planned Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. Keep the instructions in plain English so everyone knows what to do and when to do it if you’re working to recover from a disaster.

Ensure your staff knows to treat little data problems with the same care as big ones, and that you immediately work to recover any lost data to prevent any downtime for your business. Just like you should test your backups to make sure they worked correctly, you should also do a dry run of your entire recovery plan to prove that it will work. The team of experts at Avier Technology in Reno can help your business implement these important 7 steps to ensure you’ll be able to quickly and easily recover in the face of any disaster.
A disaster recovery plan should always include redundancies for data and tech functionality, and when data is housed off-site and can be accessed from any location, DRP is faster and less costly for businesses.
The list should include multiple points of contact so critical employees can be brought together as early as possible following a disaster. Consider naming coordinators for all essential departments and creating a disaster-based reporting structure to drive efficiency. Understanding where data resources are housed and what they are ensures data recovery is as complete as possible. Include a short review for minor elements such as employee contact information and disaster recovery leadership several times a year. Be sure to think about these 10 tips when you are creating a disaster recovery plan to protect your business, employees and customers. Avier Technology in Reno can help you ensure your business is prepared for any level of disaster and able to recover quickly and easily so you can keep working even in the worst conditions.

You’re far more likely to experience small every-day disasters like a spilled cup of coffee on a server, or an accidental deletion of an important file. To learn more about the services we offer during National Disaster Preparedness Month, call us at 775 329-2400 to book a free no-obligation review of your business’s disaster preparation. AFCOM recommends that data recovery plan documents be stored in both electronic and hard copy form; consider providing essential leadership with hard copies of the plan to be stored outside of the office in case fire or another natural disaster destroys all or part of the building. Every business is different, so DRP documents should be unique, but there are certain top items to include in any plan. For example, bringing up phones or customer communications may be essential to provide answers to worried clients, but without data recovery, you can’t do much of anything else. At least once a year, a disaster recovery team should review the entire document for accuracy and scale.
The more time you lose to a data emergency, the harder it is to recover, and the more likely you are to never bounce back.

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