Imagine that the long-simmering conflict between India and Pakistan broke out into a war in which each side deployed 50 nuclear weapons against the other country’s megacities. Beyond the local human tragedy of such a situation, a new study looking at the atmospheric chemistry of regional nuclear war finds that the hot smoke from burning cities would tear holes in the ozone layer of the Earth. THE AFTERMATH OF NUCLEAR WAR ACCORDING TO THE STUDYYear 0Five megatons of black carbon released into the atmosphere, which absorbs sunlight and begins to cool the planet. In it the researchers looked at the outcome of a ‘limited, regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan in which each side detonates 50 15-kiloton weapons.’They then used computer models to examine the impact on the planet and its environment - and it makes for grim reading. The immediate result of 100 nuclear weapons being detonated would be the release of five megatons of black carbon (shown) into the atmosphere, say researchers.

But Helfand said that the planet would expect a similar apocalyptic impact from any limited nuclear war. President Barack Obama pledged in 2009 to work toward abolition but said that the United States would keep nuclear weapons so long as others exist. They used climate models to predict what would become of the planet after the detonation of 100 'small' nuclear warheads, and conclude there would be global devastation. Now NASA may have stumbled upon just such a solution by employing another menace that seemed to be on an unstoppable path towards the destruction of humanity, nuclear warfare.
After decades of Cold War research into the impacts that a full-blown war between the Soviet Union and the United States would have had on the globe, recent work has focused on regional nuclear wars, which are seen as more likely than all-out nuclear Armageddon.

In laboratory tests the space agency showed that even regional nuclear war could reverse the trend towards warming by reducing the impact of the sun on the planet. While such an event would also bring a nuclear winter, mass famine, and years without summers, it may in fact be the only solution and bring long term benefits with short term pain.

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