The Cryptomathic Certification Authority (CA) is a high-security public key infrastructure (PKI) enabling service.
FREE-GOV AS CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY Free-gov Initiative issues free 1024 bits X.509 Digital Certificates to be used with Electronic Signature and Electronic Documentation Integrity. 2) Once your request (issued by the Official Sealed Letter described in step 1) is approved, we will contact you by e-mail providing instructions for X.509 certificate installation For further communications, we will use the official e-mail address provided and authorized in your official request letter.

In public key cryptography, a Certification Authority (abbreviated as CA) is an entity that issues digital certificates.
If you need an SSL Certificate to be used in websites, please look for commercial SSL Certification providers. In essence, the Certificate Authority is responsible for saying "yes, this person is who they say they are, and we, the CA, verify that".

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