You never know what emergency might happen during a power outage, so it's wise to stay prepared with a few days' worth of medication. If and when the power outage does occurs, inform them (once will do) and they'll give you an estimate of when you can expect to get electricity back.
Try to keep abreast of what's happening in the case of severe storms, as the authorities might issue an evacuation notice or other pertinent information.
It's always nice to know that if your food source runs out, for whatever reason, you have a backup nearby. If your kitchen stove is all electric, it obviously won't work during a power outage and you'll have to rely on another means of cooking.

Frozen water bottles in your freezer will act like ice blocks and keep it frozen longer while the power is off. Cellphone towers can freeze in a power outage, wireless home phones and home phones that require a modem to run don't work in power outages especially in the winter. It is also possible to keep food depending on how long the outage is for and what you have done to prolong its ability to remain safe. Having a ready supply of tried and true board or card games to play with your family is a great way of relieving boredom and staying optimistic in the event of a power outage. San Isabel Electric reported outages in the Byrd area, Glenrose Drive, Delray Drive, Cokedale Dr., Nathrop, and Walton.

An unopened refrigerator should keep foods cold for up to four hours, although you will still have to evaluate each item individually when the power comes back on. If the power outage lasts longer than 4 hours, remove milk, meat, and dairy products from the fridge and pack them into a cooler with lots of ice. Cooking outside during a power outage on your charcoal or gas grill is a great way to keep the temperature inside your house cooler in the summer months.

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