ASR is a world expert in assessing risks and developing planning strategies for tsunamis and natural hazards.
ASR also works with stakeholders to develop hazard mitigation strategies including design and construction of coastal protection structures, identification of lower-risk development locations, assistance with structural design for coastal buildings, and strategies for beach and wetland restoration to increase protection.
Earth scientists are continually improving estimates of when and where natural hazards occur.
Humans cannot eliminate natural hazards, but can engage in activities that reduce their impacts.

This natural hazard creates an inconvenience; however, many natural hazards can be greatly reduced through the education of citizens about the risks in their region.
These hazards include earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, droughts, landslides, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather, lightning-induced fires, sinkholes, coastal erosion, and comet and asteroid impacts. Hazardous events can significantly alter the size of human populations and drive human migrations.
This analysis is done through continuously monitoring Earth, increasing our understanding of the physical processes that underlie its changes, and developing scientific models that can explain hazard-related scientific observations.

This literacy leads to the promotion of community awareness about natural hazards and to the development of scientifically informed policies that reduce risk.
Risks from natural hazards increase as populations expand into vulnerable areas or concentrate in already-inhabited areas.

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