In Westchester, New York, there was an explosion on Saturday at the Entergy nuclear power plant at Indian Point.
Just to note, since nuclear power plants generate massive amounts of energy, an explosion isn’t something to take lightly anywhere within the facility. Throughout the day, the Indian Point nuclear plant has been keeping the public updated via its Twitter page. Indian Point safely shut down following transformer failure outside of nuclear side of plant; No danger to public health and safety. As mentioned in the tweets, there were no injuries or fatalities in the power plant situation.

The Nuclear Safety Project director, Dave Lochbaum, said that they use oil to keep the transformers cooled. The nuclear crisis in Japan has revived fears over the safety of nuclear power and the potential danger posed to public health when things go wrong.There have been a number of serious nuclear incidents since the 1950s.
Mayak or Kyshtym nuclear complex (Soviet Union): 29 September 1957A fault in the cooling system at the nuclear complex, near Chelyabinsk, results in a chemical explosion and the release of an estimated 70 to 80 tonnes of radioactive materials into the air. Workers break safety regulations by mixing dangerously large amounts of treated uranium in metal buckets, setting off a nuclear reaction (INES Level 4). As noted in the same report, this power plant’s section at Indian Point powers approximately five percent of the state of New York.

As minor as it may have seemed, a series of unfortunate events could have caused other things to happen if it had not been handled.
And given that perimeter at Indian Point, an electrical short may have caused the explosion.

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