Identifying the systems that would probably fail if there were a strong-enough EMP from either a massive solar CME, a nuclear EMP weapon, or a tactical EMP bomb, is easier to speculate thanĀ  items that might survive an EMP. After all that, the simple answer to what items might survive, are those items that do not contain semiconductors! If the device you are wondering about contains any digital interface whatsoever, then you can probably kiss it good-bye.

Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. However, a pulse that is induced in any above-ground wiring may also end up traveling along in underground wiring – assuming that much of the overall system structure is interconnected. A typical older vehicle with a solid metal body, using a ground strap connected to a grounding rod could be an example, but note that the ground is important, since you can’t actually insulate against EMF, but you can divert the pulse around sensitive components to ground.

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