Tornadoes and volcanic eruptions that have been portrayed many times in Hollywood movies apparently are no match to a combination of both.
It is not yet clear what caused the toxic tornado but scientists think the difference between hot and cold air may have something to do with the phenomenon similar to how dust devils form. Dust devils, which are small whirlwind of air that becomes visible because of the dust and debris that are picked up from the ground, form when hot air near the ground rises quickly through cooler and denser air above it. The Icelandic Meteorological Office has already warned of the possible dangers associated with the volcano tornadoes.

Movie writers who are running out of ideas for stories centered on a terrifying and potentially deadly natural phenomenon could get an inspiration from Iceland, where a real-life combo of swirling whirlwind and fire has been spotted on Wednesday last week. The rising hot air and falling cold air then trigger the air to circulate vertically in what is called as convection cells.
He also said that the volcano tornado could likely be a spinning sulfur dioxide gas that is similar to a fire tornado. For safety reasons, scientists and journalist were likewise advised to leave the lava field the same day that the volcano tornadoes appeared.

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