In English language “an act of God” is a legal term, which is used to define natural disasters, which happen with no human intervention and are completely outside of their control.
Some of the photographs of natural calamities, presented in this showcase, can terrify and increase the heartbeat.
It is generally considered the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded , and almost certainly the deadliest of the 20th century (when pandemics are discounted) and in China. Let philosophers discuss this dilemma and find the reasonable explanation to it… With this post our goal is to give you visual illustrations of the extreme power of Nature in wrath and the terrible consequences of such natural disasters.

Genuinely be in charge of your conducts annual disaster recovery exercises, developed barricades around a little. Debris flows are a natural phenomenon, but when a debris flow results in casualties, damage to buildings, bridges or infrastructures, or causes loss of life or property, it is called a debris flow disaster. Though, this is only a tiny fraction of the feelings and emotional load, one goes through while being in the epicenter of the infuriated Nature.
This disaster definitely schooled everybody that tsunamis are real and something not to be ignored.

An outbreak of a disease is defined as being epidemic, however, not by how many members or what proportion of the population it infects but by how fast it is growing.

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