Safety slogans can provide catchy ways to simplify complex safety concepts and make them easy to remember. If you're looking for slogans to convey safety messages in your workplace, one or more of these unique slogans might meet your needs. The time you spend putting on safety gear makes a safe end to your shift all the more near.
When the sun is high take cover in the shade; this is a safety guideline that needs to be obeyed. In addition to the original slogans provided here, there are plenty of online resources where you can find additional ideas.
ConsultNET Engineering Services - This engineering firm offers a collection of safety slogans on its website. Any tools you can use to encourage your employees to follow appropriate safety procedures can help improve safety within your company. The following infographic outlines safety tips for driving when traveling in the winter time.

You can find a slogan that applies to almost any situation that requires good safety practices.
Teachers can work together with principals or school administration to have students make up safety slogans for schools. They can be used in various ways to reinforce top-of-mind safety awareness throughout the workplace, including on signs, banners, posters, shirts and more. The slogans provided were selected with business and job-site safety in mind, so any of the phrases you'll find here could be appropriate for workplace use. While not all of the slogans given are work-related, many of them are great choices to use for business purposes.
As this blog is targeted at business owners, all of the slogans given can be useful for a business environment. One example is "Get in STEP = Safety Takes Each Person." By using the first letter of each word in the slogan, you get a simple word (STEP) that helps you remember the phrase.
Whoever comes up with the best slogan gets a prize, such as choosing a favorite dinner or being able to eat a favorite dessert.

You can also include safety slogans in employee newsletters, training materials and other forms of internal communication. Also consider using safety-related quotes, pictures, posters and even jokes to help spread a message of safety throughout your organization.
Get examples of a variety of slogans, as well as tips on how to create slogans of your own.
The following series of winter driving safety slogans used by others, can serve as a reminder of the daily danger we face when on the road.

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