Harris Communications - products for deaf, deafness, hard of hearing, hearing impaired, and hearing loss. Harris Communications is the one-stop source for products for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and sign language interests.
The latest in weather and hazard alert monitoring technology, providing you with the information needed to keep you safe.
In the event of a special warning broadcast, the radio is automatically activated along with a loud tone, a flashing LED indicator and an "alert" message on the LCD.

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Our product comparison charts can help you determine the features you want and need for alarm clocks, telephones, TV amplifiers and more! The Midland Weather Alert Radio can be used by itself for those needing to be contacted by a loud siren only.
Come out and join us Saturday, September 27 at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN for some fun exercise at HLAA's Walk4Hearing!

Other emergencies might include: Amber alert, hazardous explosions, fires, chemical spills and other civil emergencies.

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