Below is a video from Mexico where the water filter is used to provide clean, safe drinking water via a simple bucket installation. These are designed for camping, field use, and post disaster deployment, they are not designed or sold as a residential water filter. With regard to the micron size limit for filtration, you state that it is 0.7 when the filter is new.

The products have been used for years in disaster situations and remote locations with no reports of illness from water that has been filtered by them. If the water being filtered is reasonably clear, but from a source such as a river or lake or otherwise unregulated source, I would recommend cleaning the components after about 3 uses This would just prevent build-up of materials that would clog the filter or severely reduce flow rate. Our System provides clean & sanitary drinking water in every Emergency or Disaster situation.

The filter can be mounted inside a bucket or other such container and the clean water drains into a second container underneath.

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