Credibility Alliance, an organisation accrediting voluntary organisations in India and promoting best practices in the sector recently organised a conference titled, ‘Evolving Dimensions of Social Accountability in Voluntary Sector’. With the Indian companies set to spend 2 per cent of their profits each year on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in accordance to the newly amended Companies Act passed by the Indian Parliament, NGOs would have to learn to work with the corporate world for maximising the social benefits, said the experts representing both the corporate world and the civil society at the conference. The voluntary sector in India has played a major role in rural development, through mobilising communities and catalysing people's initiatives for change,as well as through direct implementation of interventions around specific issues.
Formal recognition of the role of voluntary organisations in the Seventh Plan documented to the formation of the Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology (CAPART) in 1986, as a nodal agency for catalysing and coordinating the emerging partnership between voluntary organisations and the Government for sustainable development of rural areas.

CAPART was formed in 1986 by amalgamating two agencies the 'Council for Advancementof Rural Technology' (CART) and People's Action for Development India (PADI).
To eliminate poverty in India through the education of underprivileged children and to elevate the  standard of living of poor women through empowerment.
We accomplish this by forming meaningful partnerships with local voluntary organizations that work towards the goal of total literacy in India. We provide financial support to such organizations working in rural areas and remote tribal communities where it is needed the most.

IF has adopted 3 villages to support children's education programs towards achieving our goal of 100% literacy in Rajasthan, India.
IF was founded in 2006 in the USA, by an enthusiastic group of Indian-Americans, who passionately believe in the goal of bringing social and economical transformation in India through education.

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