A former college campus police officer and acting assistant director for the public safety and preparedness branches of Miami-Dade County, Scott Burnotes heads up the UM Office of Emergency Management, spearheading efforts to make the institution better prepared to deal with crises. Subscribe to the Veritas RSS Feed Get updates to all of the latest Veritas posts by clicking the logo at the right. Veritas Smart Grid provides software and services to instrument and automate commercial buildings and other types of facilities for energy responsiveness. By enrolling in these programs, participants agree to reduce their electricity consumption in response to peak system demand, grid emergencies or peak wholesale prices, thereby contributing to grid stability and lower market prices.
Veritas Smart Grid also enables grid operators to supplement, avoid or defer costly investments in generation, transmission and distribution facilities and enhance the reliability of electric power.

He is working with other UM divisions to adopt NIMS (National Incident Management System) standards, most notably the Incident Command System, a uniform organizational structure that enables multiple agencies to work together when responding to incidents of any type, be it a wildfire in California, a terrorist attack in New York City, or a hurricane in South Florida.
Demand response programs offered by Veritas Retail Energy provide revenue opportunities for electricity end-users. About VeritasVeritas Real Estate is committed to delivering high value, responsive service and attention to the smallest detail for our clients. As receiver and consultant to some of the commercial real estate industry and region’s lenders, we have a solid understanding of lender practices, priorities and execution strategies. He says his experience in the field as a law enforcement officer has given him a unique perspective other emergency managers lack.

While he pounded a beat as a police officer at George Washington University from 2002 to 2004, earning a master’s in crisis, emergency, and risk management at the same time, his unofficial entry into the field of crisis intervention came long before that. Demand response, both LaaR - load acting as a resource, and EILS - emergency interruptible load service, can be a powerful tool in a company's overall energy management strategy.

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