There are 502 counties that intersect some major river portion of the Mississippi River system. In 2000, the total population of counties that intersect some major river portion of the Mississippi River system was 30,480,398 people.
6) 1,396 counties are intersected by an interstate or equivalent highway in the roads shapefile. Skip to Toxic Release Inventory TRI Shapefiles - Canadian FSA Postal Code Shapefiles - Geographic Names Information System Shapefiles - Zip Code Boundary Shapefiles with Demographics - U.S. Each GIS map layer includes other federal lands, not listed above, and base layers including cities, roads, rivers, states and water bodies.

The shapefiles come with easy to follow instructions for downloading ArcExplorer, a free GIS map viewer.
The image(s) on this page are examples of how these shapefiles may look when loaded into a GIS program. In addition, we have many free GIS shapefiles that you may wish to add to your digital maps. The states shapefile attribute table retains the PCTBLACK field after the join and remove join commands.
If you are already using GIS, these shapefiles work with ArcView GIS, ArcGIS, Maptitude, Mapinfo, Manifold and many other commercial GIS and mapping programs and many free GIS programs as well.

Each of the shapefile map layers also includes free access to our Learn2Map GIS Tutorial and Atlas and free GIS software so that you can begin creating GIS map projects in minutes.
With these detailed shapefiles you can learn more about dams and their condition anywhere in the United States.

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