With the distance chart of cities of USA people can get a quick idea of how long it might take to travel between the cities. The distance chart of cities of USA helps one to get a glimpse of the distance between the various cities in USA. At 179 kilometers Indianapolis in Indiana is the closest city to Chicago and with 7189 kilometers Wichita in Kansas is furthest from Chicago. San Antonio, Texas is the closest city to Houston at a distance of 199 kilometers while Seattle, Washington lies the farthest with a distance of 2442 kilometers.

The user friendly and time efficient nature of these charts have made them more suitable than the maps. These charts are normally preferred over map scales as they are easier to use and take less time. With a distance of almost 109 kilometers Philadelphia in Pennsylvania is the closest to it while with a distance of 5659 kilometers Charlotte in North Carolina is the farthest. New York is 811 kilometers and Houston is 1089 kilometers from the city, while Phoenix lies at a distance of 1804 kilometers according to the distance chart of cities of USA.

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