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Now, the Homeland Security Department's inspector general has confirmed that Clancy not only knew about the rumor as early as March 25, he also learned the information from at least three sources.
The director's changing story about what he knew and when is the latest blemish on an agency beset with embarrassing scandals. March 25 was also the date of an informal luncheon of Clancy and some former Secret Service directors. Julia Pierson, the director who immediately preceded Clancy, told investigators that it was Clancy himself who told the former directors at the lunch that Chaffetz had applied years earlier to work at the agency but was turned down.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday that his department will proceed "expeditiously" to determine whether any laws or policies were broken.
Homeland Security, will be in Nogales Wednesday to visit the warehouse where hundreds of immigrant children are being held.
We have, in fact, dealt with this port before because we deal with it overseas as part of our comprehensive global security network,” Chertoff said. Pierson resigned earlier this year after embarrassing security lapses in the agency's efforts to protect the president were revealed. The Homeland Security Department's internal watchdog says Clancy knew earlier than he originally stated about a rumor that agents were digging up dirt on a congressman who had been critical of the agency.

Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Leon Rodriguez answers a question while testifying before a Senate Judiciary hearing to examine the Administration’s immigration enforcement policies, in Washington, Tuesday, July 21, 2015.

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