Like many immigrants in the United States, my family and I were screwed over by immigration lawyers and school administrators, which left me without legal status in the United States.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, tells us that my wife graduated in July. One irony of all of this is if not for the 1-week dead paper time (between the envelope being received by USCIS and processed), we would have been under their imaginary deadline. A review of your application, all supporting documents submitted and the SEVIS System indicates that your course of study ended July 13, 2007. During the teleconference, Director Mayorkas provided an overview of the process by which certain young people who came to the United States as children may request deferred action, provided details on the forms to be submitted, and answered questions from interested parties.

Every day, our Immigration Services Officers independently research, interpret and analyze an extensive spectrum of sources including pertinent sections of the law and regulations, operating instructions, references and guidance contained in legislative history, precedent decisions, state and local laws, international treaties and other legal references to embrace the correct course of action.
Apply for this exciting opportunity to become a member of the Office of Field Operations, District 23, in one of the Field Office locations listed below, within DHS US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Citizenship and Immigration Services secures America’s promise as a nation of immigrants by providing accurate and useful information to our customers, granting immigration and citizenship benefits, promoting an awareness and understanding of citizenship, and ensuring the integrity of our immigration system. Immigration Services Officers support the adjudication process by providing accurate and useful information to DHS customers, managing correspondence, and providing internal and external customer support. For more information on qualifications, salary and application instructions, view the full listing at (log-in required)!
As such, I have an inherent dislike of immigration lawyers as there are many bad ones in the profession.

DHS components work collectively to prevent terrorism, secure borders, enforce and administer immigration laws, safeguard cyberspace and ensure resilience to disasters.
Officers at the full performance level may adjudicate cases, conduct security checks, conduct interviews, and ensure program quality assurance. The vitality and magnitude of this mission is achieved by a diverse workforce spanning hundreds of occupations.

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