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Access to a safe supply of fresh fruit and vegetables is a luxury that most Americans probably take for granted, but it does not happen without the vigilance of agricultural specialists who have careers at U.S. As a component of the Department of Homeland Security, CBP agents regularly face potentially dangerous situations.
Angola State Prison in Louisiana has been called one of the most notorious maximum security prisons in the country. Included in the 98 percent of arrests that were made on the southern border were residents of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, according to USA Today.
High tech equipment helps them detect, track and intercept illegal drugs, contraband or people at arrival ports. Preventing unauthorized entry to the country is a primary goal of agents, and rescuing people who get into dangerous circumstances while attempting entry is also part of the job. The privilege of doing important work for the country and receiving excellent benefits can make careers at U.S.

Border patrol agents made nearly half a million apprehensions in 2013, an increase of more than 60,000 over the previous year. Qualifying to work as a border control agent is difficult, and a rigorous training program helps prepare trainees for work in rough terrain and challenging conditions. Jobs in the Office of Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine service require agents to protect Americans and critical infrastructure. Agricultural specialists use degrees in biology, plant pathology, botany and entomology to protect American agriculture and to prevent threats from diseases and biological agents. Working for the United States government provides compensation that includes a competitive salary, a health insurance program, and a generous leave policy. After 55 days of training at the Border Patrol Academy, trainees must prove their merit by running a mile and a half course in 13 minutes or less. Customs and Border Protection officers working at a New Mexico border checkpoint said the man was discovered Thursday face down among a commercial load of the spicy stuff. Recognizing signs of dangerous commodities and flagging them for laboratory testing or destruction requires a high level of vigilance.

More familiar jobs at CBP include border patrol agents as well as aviation and marine enforcement agents. Agents confiscated almost three million pounds of drugs, reflecting the importance of enforcement in border states. They must complete a confidence course within two and one half minutes and a 220 yard dash within 46 seconds.
No one over the age of 40 is accepted into the training program, and knowledge of Spanish is required.

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