The people who live in a country located in the Ring of Fire in Pacific Ocean should be aware with Tsunami.  More than 80 percent of Tsunami occurs on the location. Some people might not aware that tsunami is going to come.  This condition occurs because the first wave of tsunami is not strong and big.
You are wrong by thinking that the only place in the world that can be swept by tsunami is located in Japan. Hawaii is considered as the most dangerous states in US which can be affected and swept by Tsunami.  It was on 1 April 1946 that the greatest Tsunami in Hawaii occurred. Indian Ocean tsunami is very famous because it killed more than 283,000 people in 11 countries in the world.
Cyclone facts give you the information about one of the most dangerous disasters in the world. Let’s find out about one of the destructive disasters in the world in Japan Earthquake facts. No one will ever know how many died in the 2004 Tsunami because so many of the towns and villages affected were in remote areas with few records of population. Its better to escape a Tsunami on foot because if your in a car you will most likely to get caught in traffic unless your trying to leave with air support like helicopters, planes or jets or maybe even climbing steep slopes or going underground. Hawai sees a small tsunami every year and Alaska, Californai, Oregan, Washington, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines, India and other parts of the world can all expect to experience larger or smaller tsunamis in the future.

Ships and boats just rise and fall gently - and may have no idea that a Tsunami wave has just passed beneath them. Avalanches facts provide the information about the disaster that can occur each year in the snowy region. Many scientists had been warning of the risks of a severe Tsunami in the region, and continue to warn of future Tsunami risks. Tsunami waves travel very fast, and it is impossible to provide warnings for those very close to the earthquake zone which generates the wave. Tsunami is a lesser punishment to what happened to the people of Thamud, whom Allah sent WIND and not WATER to wipe them from the surface of the EARTH.
Hurricane Katrina facts present the sad facts about one of the biggest disasters in the American history.
Tsunami warning systems are now in place across the region most affected in December 2004 and were used during a recent tremor (April 2005). Tsunami waves can travel at over 400 miles an hour through deep ocean, but don't usually cause any trouble at that stage to ships or boats. Yes, it is true that Japanese island is often swept by tsunami.  Read the following facts to know more about Tsunami. In the 2004 Tsunami, much of the damage was done by seawater returning to the ocean, and also by a second wave a few minutes after the first.

Tsunamis are often called tidal waves, and pictures often show tsunami waves over 30 metres high breaking over the coastline, although the reality is more that the water level rises rapidly, and later falls just as fast. Here is some useful data showing how the speed of a Tsunami wave falls as it approaches land, and how the height rises. Tsunami earthquakes are those where there is a major shift of the seabed as two tectonic plates slide against each other, releasing forces many times as great as an undersea nuclear bomb. Tsunami videos can be very upsetting to watch if they show the reality of what happens when a mega Tsunami hits land, buildings and people. Tsunami video - dramatic film clip taken by a holiday maker as a huge Tsunami wave sweeps up the beach and into the restaurant of the hotel, showing footage of Tsunami damage, tsunami wave pictures of tsunami victims and scale of tsunami disaster.
Im doing a project on the 2004 tsunami and I really needed alot of info and this really helped! Tsunamis are caused by Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Landslides, it depends on how powerful the natural disaster is on how powerful the Tsunami is.

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