Tornadoes near the northern Italian coastal city are rare, but they have wreaked havoc in Venice in the past. Although the Mediterranean coast may not be famed for its tornadoes, Carbin said twisters can spin up just about anywhere. In Venice, people are still sorting through the crumpled buildings, smashed boats and shredded trees the tornado left behind. I think it’s safe to say that when most people think of tornadoes, they immediately think of the Great Plains of America.

The map below, courtesy of the European Severe Weather Laboratory, shows all the tornado and funnel cloud reports in Europe between September 1 and December 6. This tornado today near Auckland, New Zealand, that unfortunately took the lives of three people. And that brings us to the amazing and violent tornado that struck Taranto, Italy on November 28.
The following is another vantage point of the same massive tornado, and is easily the best tornado footage I have seen come out of Europe.

Municipal officials who toured scenes of destruction have estimated that the storm caused at least 3 million euros ($3.75 million) in damage.
Impressive but dangerous vantage point for the cameraman as the tornado all but destroys this small soccer stadium.

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