Rescue and recovery efforts were underway Friday morning after two tornadoes hit Fairdale, Illinois, and left one person dead, multiple people injured and nearly 20 buildings demolished in the unincorporated town of 200 about 80 miles northwest of Chicago. The 2015 tornado season predictions claim that southern states like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma may have a decent chance of generating tornadoes based upon the weather analysis. In a related report by the Inquisitr, multiple tornadoes hit Oklahoma City during Wednesday, and reports say that at least 12 people were injured. Unfortunately, any 2015 tornado season predictions are going to be fairly weak since it has not been sending the strongest signal.“I don’t think every year ENSO is going to give us the answer,” Allen said. It’s officially tornado season, which typically runs from March until June for tornado-alley states. On the ground for about 20 miles, this tornado devastated the southeast half of Mount Vernon, damaged or destroyed 300 homes and 50 businesses.  Overturned wood stoves ignited many fires.
At least 14 strong or violent tornadoes touched down in this outbreak.  The two strongest ones tracked from near Jacksonville to near Petersburg (12 killed), and from Springfield to Kenney (11 killed).

The deaths were the result of 3 separate tornadoes.  The first tornado, which had already killed 137 people in St.
Just 16 tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma in 2014, which the National Weather Service says is the fewest on record. Oklahoma state climatologist Gary McManus says a combination of factors led to the relative lack of tornadoes, The Oklahoman reported. The first five months of the year were among the driest on record, and tornado outbreaks are not common during dry conditions because there are few thunderstorms to produce them, McManus said.
The year’s strongest tornado was an EF2 on April 27 that cut an 11-mile path through Ottawa County and Cherokee County, Kansas.
Moore’s Plaza Towers and Briarwood elementary schools, which were destroyed by the deadly EF5 tornado on May 20, 2013, reopened in August.
Construction began in June on Norman Regional Medical Center’s new location in Moore, on the site of the former Moore Medical Center, which was also destroyed by the tornado.

Canadian Valley Technology Center officials broke ground on the center’s El Reno campus in November, which will replace the previous one that was in ruins after the May 31, 2013, EF3 tornado. Unfortunately, these tornado predictions are based upon an experimental forecast, and since El Nino has been very weak, it has made it difficult to be certain. But over the past few years, more tornadoes have touched down in Illinois outside of this timespan than during the peak spring season.
According to Live Science, their 2015 tornado season predictions still call for a 60 percent chance of an average tornado year, a 30 percent chance of a below-normal year, and a 10 percent chance of an above-average number of tornadoes. Louis and killed 24 people in the Belleville and Mascoutah areas.  A third tornado killed 3 people between Nashville and Mt.

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