In light of the recent tragedies surrounding the deadly tornadoes that have ripped through Oklahoma, we understand that tornado safety for kids is important not only at home, but at school too. Tornadoes can be seen as both fascinating and scary for your children, so it is important to educate them about these beasts of nature.
When talking to your kids about tornadoes, let them know that while tornadoes are very dangerous, they are also very rare and there are ways to protect themselves from them. Right now we are in the peak season for tornadoes (May and June) so we see it absolutely necessary to provide you with tornado safety tips for kids, especially for kids who attend elementary or middle schools without basements. Knowing what to do and how to react when a tornado threatens your area is half of the battle.

Be sure to answer any questions they may have in a calm and reassuring manner, and make sure to quiz them on their school’s tornado safety procedures.
The more you teach your kids about tornadoes, the more likely they are going to know what to do, and feel comfortable doing it. If your kids are not prepared when a tornado hits, they can be easily frightened and usually will not know what to do unless they have been instructed what to do beforehand. You want your kids to know what to do in the case of a tornado regardless if they are at home or at school. Louis TornadoesRahul on What To Do When Your Basement Floodswayne brasler on Tornado Damage in St.

A majority of elementary schools do not have basements, so it is important that your children know what to do when going down into a basement is not an option.

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