If you have this badge, it obviously means you're a great survivalist and know what to do during a Tornado.
Have fun and keep coming here to check the latest updates of your favorite game on Games-Utilities. Functionality of this mod can be described as it adds some more difficulty level in the game by adding some natural disasters.There are some more features which can be seen after adding this mod in your Minecraft.

This game is about mud moving at it's best, as all the campaign missions are ground attack ones. The Tornado is a mighty beast, being able to fly at over Mach 1 at a constant altitude of 200 ft on autopilot (terrain following). Sound Blaster is supported, as well as MT-32 and Adlib.This is a game that every serious simmer should have on his shelf (or even better, on his hard drive), as it is one of the best flight sims ever made.

Geographical map of us rivers
Pre emergency planning disaster preparedness
Sample of emergency preparedness plan
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