The storm action plan (above) is posted near all HERO mass warning system devices, part of the emergency notification system. Download the established guidelines and recommended procedures (PDF) in the event of tornado watches and warnings received on campus as determined by the National Weather Service.
It is important that campus community members understand that EMU does not have onsite tornado “safe rooms” as defined by FEMA.
Since 1950 fewer than 10 tornados have occurred in Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg.

DEVELOP A PLAN: Your emergency plan should include details about 1)how your business will restore critical functions (often called a Business Continuity Plan) and 2) how your business will address life safety issues (also known as an Emergency Action Plan).
EMERGENCY PLANNING FOR EMPLOYEES: Your employees and coworkers are your business's most important and valuable asset. PLANNING TO STAY OR GO: Knowing how and when to evacuate the workplace or shelter in place a key part of your emergency plan. When the seven-minute tornado from hell hit Joplin, Mo., on the evening of May 22, John Motazedi was hunkered down in his basement like the rest of the people in the area.

They were able to secure a new lease for suitable office space less than a week after the tornado.

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