Top Documentary Films offers full documentaries and information on documentaries by quoting reviews from trusted sources.
If you find documentary films you really like, you can decide to buy them from the Top Documentary Films store. streams full-length, thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining documentary films for free, with no registration required.
DocumentaryWIRE offers a large collection of free, interesting, and educational documentaries for you to watch online. Open Documentaries maintains a documentary database with a lot of documentaries for you to view for free in a lot of categories. Full Documentaries offers some of the most informative, free documentaries available online, organized into categories. Documentary Tube offers a wide variety of full-length documentaries covering twenty-two categories, such as art, health, science, travel, and history. You can easily register for free on Documentary Tube to stay updated about new releases featured on the website.
Documentaries you’ve watched on Documentary Tube are automatically added to a playlist, so you can easily go back and watch them again, or find out what subjects and titles you have already watched. They also plan to support independent film at its roots by showcasing the work of film students around the world. Documentary Guide is one of the few curated search engines on the internet and offers access to the widest collection of documentary films. Yet still another place to find documentaries is the Moving Image Archive on the Internet Archive website. Hopefully, this list helps you find free, educational, and entertaining documentary films that interest and inspire you. We asked journalist and Documentary Channel veteran Gregory Crofton to survey one small piece of this enormously complex and shifting situation: the online alternative.
Here is Gregory’s report on the mainly information-driven documentary content that is now available for free online from content aggregators and organizers.

The most popular website devoted to docs is Top Documentary Films (TDF).  Its global Alexa rank is a very respectable 7,274. In the table below, we list the Top 15 free doc sites, their US and Global Alexa traffic ranking, and a count of the outside websites that link to them and that help generate their traffic.
Visitors are drawn to TDFs astounding array of content – links to more than 2,000 documentaries. What producers and filmmakers receive from a site like TDF that may be more important to them than ad dollars is distribution. Instead it is content that’s been uploaded by legions of individual computer users, people who often are great fans of these films. But these sites primarily distribute Hollywood films and scripted television entertainments. Still, Netflix has significantly changed the documentary-viewing landscape, especially when, about two years ago, it shifted focus and resources to streaming its content instead of mailing it on DVD’s.
The following is a list of sites we found, some of which allow you add comments about the films and even allow you to download the films. The documentaries are classified in categories, making it easy to find films about your favorite topics. You can browse by category, sort by top films, by length (short, mid, and long, which are less than 10, 11-30, and 30+ minutes, respectively), and even watch mini-documentaries about the making of the documentaries themselves. They focus on science documentaries, because this seemed to the most underrepresented genre on the web, but they also offer films covering other genres. There is also a section of the site that allows you to submit documentaries you produce and make yourself.
There’s also a section of the site containing articles that review some of the current documentaries, providing more information about the films.
The Science Documentaries website offers a collection of the best scientific documentaries available on the web.
These may be found on some of the other sites that collect documentaries, as well, or you can access them directly on YouTube.

In addition to watching quality independent films, IndieMovies Online also encourages you to write for them, by submitting a copy of your piece (no more than 700 words and nothing offensive).
They have been inviting film students from all schools to submit their work to be shared on IndieMovies Online. They’ve researched and indexed thousands of films, hundreds of websites, and many databases from around the world. If you know of other good sites for finding free and legally distributed documentaries, let us know in the comments. You can also add comments about documentaries you’ve watched, providing opinions other viewers can read about the films to see if they want to watch them. However, you can register if you want to create your own playlist and receive email updates when new documentaries are added.
Feel free to add comments about films you watch on their site and to rate the films, as well. You can choose to sign up for weekly email alerts, informing you weekly of new releases available on Documentary Tube.
There are probably some documentary films among the collection that might peak your interest. Some films on the site have widespread distribution, but others are created by independent filmmakers, who depend on sites like to get their information out to the public.
New release information is also available by liking Documentary Tube on Facebook or by following the site on Twitter. You will not find documentaries “filled with metaphysical ideas, UFOs, bio energies and other meta-sciences.” What you will find are informative, revealing, interesting, and mind-boggling scientific documentaries and lectures about such subjects as astronomy, biology, mathematics, physics, IT, and technology.

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