Research the local climate: in some areas you can almost guarantee a thunderstorm on summer afternoons. If a thunderstorm is approaching, protect electronics and electric appliances by unplugging them in advance.
Lightning does not only happen during thunderstorms; it can also happen during volcanic eruptions. You may love Mother Nature, but during a thunderstorm, a sturdy building is your best friend.

When you’re out and about, watch the sky for signs of approaching thunderstorms, such as rain, darkening skies, or towering cumulonimbus clouds. If you are in an area that you expect will see lightning storms, know where safe shelters are. There is a mistaken belief that being in the water is safer, but lightning can just as easily strike water (or the electrical charge can be carried through water), and if you’re struck and rendered unconscious, you don’t want to be in the water. Listen to the local weather forecast, and pay special attention to thunderstorm advisories.

Most are caught outside and don't find or seek safety soon enough.Let's take a look at five things you can do to protect yourself from the destructive potential of a thunderstorm.

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