The emergency message was sent out to to New Jersey Verizon Wireless users in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties in the afternoon. People predictably freaked out with some taking to Twitter, others calling 911 and more watching the news for any, well, news. A spokesman for the company said it was a test message that wasn't clearly identified as a test message while police are saying the alert was maliciously sent.

Eventually, police sent a message back saying it was a false alarm and people went about their day but that had to be one harrowing hour. The message was obviously part of CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert System), an emergency alert initiative involving carriers, FCC and FEMA that's all well and good but if the system has too many fake out emergencies, people will stop trusting it.
I would be scared out of my mind that the last thing I would expect is for that message to be an error.

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