Alien invasion flick The Darkest Hour, released this morning, is like a bad holiday fruitcake that somebody tried to spruce up with a zillion lumps of neon-colored, soggy jellybean guts. And then a bunch of people yell in Russian and suddenly we're in a nightclub and Hirsch and not-Hirsch are drinking and hitting on some women who know them from MySquareDoppler.
Which is around the time a bunch of lens flares fall from the sky and start menacing everybody with their invisibleness, which has the property of reducing anybody who touches it to glowing specks that are super cheap to render in Photoshop. Anyway, my OCD Faraday cage issues are like screaming about a grease fire during a mega volcano eruption. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
The Darkest Hour tells the story of two young software developers Sean (Emile Hirsch) and Ben (Max Minghella) who travel to Moscow for business only to find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion. The movie starts off with a nice premise, we are first introduced to our main characters that we sort of got to know before the madness began.
Like most alien invasion films, there is always the grand entrance of the aliens and this is where The Darkest Hour shines, the aliens in this movie are for the most part, invisible.
The film becomes a hot mess although I must say there are some sequences during the ‘fight’ scenes that were quite entertaining. Put another way, this movie is what you get when you add the plot of Skyline to the creature effects of The Happening. Our gang of social mobile app developers, including Swedish guy, have to make their way across a foreign city with the two women while dodging the invisible monsters!
The idea of tracking aliens indirectly with handfuls of lightbulbs is pretty cool, and there are some amazing scenes of the shredded Mocow: planes have plowed into malls, tankers have shattered bridges, and the aliens are vaporizing buildings spectacularly in order to extract minerals or tap into our geothermal heat or maybe mine for holiday fruitcakes. Scenes are so hastily edited that we actually see characters run through exactly the same place twice in the opening alien attack sequence.

Let's just say that the aliens are better than an 8-bit videogame, but not quite as good as Quake 1. There's a nonsensical plot built around astonishingly silly monsters who are menacing people you wish would just shut up.
In reality a faraday can help to attenuate microwaves such as powerful radar, along with thick metal and attenuation material, by absorbing the energy and conducting it to the ground similar to how a microwave oven faraday cage works to contain the microwaves in the oven.
Stranded in the foreign land, they band together with other survivors in a fight for survival.
However, the dialogue exchanges between our leads are written poorly and somewhat atrocious. This is a very nice concept of aliens trying to feed off from the Earth’s (and its inhabitants‘) electromagnetic energy hence bringing darkness in. The film could have been better if the tone was not set seriously and they could have just made a fun film instead. Everything was done right and nothing felt out of place or over the top, although the moment we finally got to see the invaders from space, the CGI looked ugly.There are some interesting choices of music and the score by Tyler Bates is great but it just did not feel right for this kind of film, the music would have worked well if the movie was made more fun instead of taking the serious tone and not delivering it consistently. The Darkest Hour: Survivors is a short film that chronicles survivors around the globe working together in order to find a way to fight against the invisible invaders. The film itself was quite entertaining in some parts, everything felt rushed and I feel more time could have made this a better film. The only hint that the monsters are around is that they juice up all electrical devices - including lights, cell phones, car alarms, whatever - so that their presences are announced by flickering lights and other spooky shit.
And, inevitably, the aliens' powers change dramatically from scene to scene as the plot requires.
Fortunately these groups are somehow likeable, specifically Rachael Taylor’s Anne and the Russian locals that the survivors meet along the way.

This is a very nice concept in the beginning but the film loses its charm in the middle of it all. If you are looking to waste some of your time then The Darkest Hour is a good random popcorn movie. Also, Faraday cages are the magical weapon humans can use against the aliens because the aliens can't see inside them - but the humans can use radios and cell phones inside them to communicate with each other. Also, to my great irritation, several characters make much of the fact that once they're safe inside a Faraday cage, they can text people in America!
Everything felt flat halfway through and I felt that I just didn’t care for any of these people. Moscow however did not deliver as a great setting, I kind of expected more, the setting for the most part looks dull. Then there is The Darkest Hour: Visualizing an Invasion which includes the making of the film and some behind the scenes footage, which is nice if you like seeing inside looks and the ideas from the cast and crew of movies. The plot started to become convoluted and plot holes are scattered here and there (the boat sequence). Also they can't see through glass for some reason, and they can't seem to run or fly even though they flew down to Earth.
Everything just felt silly, microwave guns, faraday cages, it was all ridiculous and I hate how they tried to take it seriously.

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