On October 8th, 2012, magician David Blaine performed a seemingly life-threatening stunt subjecting himself to a whopping one million volts of electricity while wearing a 20-pound chain metal suit.
In the video of Blaine’s performance shown above, the magician is wearing a Faraday Cage – a type of suit made of a conductive material invented in 1836 by English scientist, Michael Faraday. So while Blaine’s performance looks pretty dangerous, his Faraday Cage (which, theoretically, has no voltage limit) prevents the electric current from reaching his body, making it not quite the superhuman feat it appears. Elevators simulate a Faraday cage effect, leading to a loss of signal and "dead zones" for users of cellular phones & radios which require electromagnetic external signals.
The shielding inside of coaxial television cable wire & USB cables protect the internal conductors from external electrical noise and prevents the RF signals from leaking out. Plastic bags impregnated with metal are included with highway electronic toll collection devices which are to allow motorists to place them in the bag so that a toll charge is not registered or a device will not register a charge while being shipped to a customer's home after ordering in a delivery truck.

Even MRI machine scan rooms are designed as Faraday cages to prevent external radio frequency signals from being added to data collected from the patient, which would affect the resulting image. Shopping bags lined with aluminum foil have even been found by police in arresting shoplifters who steal RF-tagged items; the bags acting as Faraday cages.
The physics of the Faraday cage fully protects David from the electric discharges, but I'd have to ask about the chemistry of the experiment.
By wearing a Faraday cage-type suit, the danger to him is extremely small, especially when many electrical linemen routinely working on Kazakhstan's 1.15 million volt Ekibastuz-Kokshetau electrical line wear such a suit with regularity.
The room was ventilated of harmful ozone and nitrogen dioxide created by electricity ionized air.
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However, an understanding of the laws of electricity will show that Blaine was not working against these basic principles, but was using them in order to perform his trick successfully!
The suit functions as a shield that blocks external static and non-static electric fields which causes the electric charges within the Cage’s conductive material to redistribute themselves and thus cancel the field’s effects in the cage interior.
Their suits prevent electrical current from flowing through their bodies and the suits have theoretically no voltage limit.

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