This officer with the Virginia State Police, along with a group of other trainees, participates in a hands-on tabletop exercise at a session of the SHRP2 TIM responder training. The purpose of tabletop exercises like this one is to educate responders on how to apply the basic principles of traffic control and scene management for various incident scenarios. The training includes interactive seminars, analysis of case studies, tabletop role play and scenario work, and a field practicum that will provide the future trainers with the knowledge and materials needed to conduct TIM trainings. To this end, Lisa Smith - one of our certified business continuity professionals - and her team recently conducted a BCP table top exercise with our management team here at Eze Castle.
After this successful meeting, we thought it would be valuable to share some insights on the BCP table top exercise process with our readers to spotlight the importance of this activity. Instead, begin buying additional can tabletop exercise examples be the best choice body is also functioning at a distinct frequency.
We designed and facilitated a tabletop exercise to test New Hampshire’s newly developed Energy Assurance Plan using the strict Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines for emergency management exercise development. Nexight Group designed, facilitated, and documented more than 45 tabletop exercises that help critical infrastructure owners and operators respond to a simulated active shooter or vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) event in coordination with local emergency responders.
Each scenario simulates an emergency incident using more than a dozen time stops—points in which a Nexight facilitator introduces new information and facilitates large-group and concentrated table discussions.

During the exercise, Nexight used a combination of full-group discussion and facilitated breakout groups to walk players through two escalating scenarios. Outdoor exercises underscore the importance of retaining situational awareness when exiting your vehicle and approaching an incident. BCP table top exercises are conducted to provide an example of how the management team would work together to get the organization through a disaster. We designed a full-day seminar and tabletop exercise that engaged nearly 40 players from state agencies, energy providers, and critical infrastructure organizations.
DHS asked Nexight to help develop two exercise scenarios—active shooter and VBIED—and use them to facilitate interactive training and exercises customized for chemical, commercial facilities, and multi-sector audiences across the country.
Throughout the exercise, Nexight captures participant responses and lessons learned in real time.
The event combined expert presentations with a challenging scenario that simulated a severe but realistic disruption for New Hampshire’s energy resources.
Each three-hour exercise engages facility managers and personnel in a facilitated discussion with local emergency responders on their actions and decisions as the scenario unfolds. A BCP table top exercise is an informal brainstorming session used to encourage participation from business leaders and other key employees.

We invited three state energy assurance and cyber security experts to deliver training presentations on areas of critical concern before the tabletop. We teamed up with recognized security experts to design and deliver an eight-hour training session that combines expert instruction with our interactive, scenario-based tabletop exercise design. DHS received overwhelming response from the private sector—more than 90% of participants rated exercise content and conduct as excellent or very good—and the exercise team expanded the program from one scenario specialized for the chemical sector, to multiple scenarios targeting multi-sector audiences.
Our original scenarios included an accident blocking critical waterways, a severe winter storm, and a loss of communications and information technology services during energy restoration. To begin, the consultant or group leader should develop a hypothetical disaster scenario to use as an example. The exercise helped participants test their roles and responsibilities and identify communications and operations gaps that could affect response in a real event. Nexight Group trained more than 5,000 individuals since 2010—and more than 95% indicated that they planned to update their company’s emergency response plans and procedures based on the training exercises.

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