On PCs, we have the insanely popular DayZ zombie survival game available to play and what started as an ARMA 2 mod became extremely popular and, just like any extremely popular thing, it started to spawn games that try to offer the same experience. Clearly inspired by DayZ, PlagueZ puts you in an open world environment flooded with zombies and your only goal is to survive for as long as possible. However, unlike your regular shooters, the ammunition and weapons are scarce, while the zombies are endless. Comparing PlagueZ to DayZ, at this current stage, is only suitable concept-wise because there are many things that this Android game has to change and fix to even worth being compared with its inspiration gameplay-wise. If you want to give it a try though, you can check it out over at Google Play, where there’s also a gameplay trailer showing you what to expect from this game.
You can’t take a step on Steam without some zombie game grave-hand clutching at your ankle, wanting your attention. We’ve collected together what we think are the ten best zombie games on PC so you know which to invite into your safehouse and which to axe off at the wrist.
While the game’s puzzles are never that complex and the action is just a string of quick time events the mechanical simplicity falls away in light of the story and characters.
Long after release, an update to ATI video cards has caused a few startup errors for Atom Zombie Smasher. Starting a game of DayZ spawns you somewhere on the vast landmass of Chernarus, armed with just a torch.
DayZ's systems can be confusing at first and it will take a while to learn how to search safely, avoiding zombies and the attention of other players but you'll soon find yourself sneaking into a city under the cover of dark to look for antibiotics to cure the fever you contracted after staying out in the rain without a coat and hearing the sound of gunshots in the distance as other players fight over scraps and be completely in your element.
No other game gives that same thrill; Nick and Fraser had one hell of an adventure fighting off starvation, the undead, and glitchy wall bugs. Sure, Typing of the Dead is a bit of throwaway fun but when people complain about the number of zombie games on the market it proves there's variety in the graveyard. Techland turned the zombie apocalypse into a joyfully colourful first-person action-RPG where you craft weapons from what you can find in the remnants of abandoned beach huts.

It’s not often games cover that interminable struggle between the undead and garden plants.
They frame the ongoing conflict as a lane defense game, where waves of zombies march across the lawn towards the back of your house and you fight back by planting differently abled shrubs in their way. Levels start slowly as you try to build up your defences with always limited resources but they build to a height where your lawn will be covered in pea-spewing and corn cob-catapulting flora, as wave after massed wave of zombies march towards you. As with all Popcap games, Plants vs Zombies’ artwork is colourful and cutesy, but you should never mistake it for anything other than the best lane defense game available, zombie-themed or otherwise. Project Zomboid is still in Steam Early Access but it's already one of the richest survival games in existence.
Now, so far the zombies in these games have been weak, slow, and only threatening in large numbers. Technically the enemies in Killing Floor are specimens of a failed cloning experiment and not the risen dead, but it’s like saying 28 Days Later isn’t a zombie film because the ‘zombies’ are sufferers of a virus. In the later waves, Killing Floor becomes a manic scramble to survive, with you and your friends feeling pressure from all sides. As to Plants Vs Zombies over Minecraft, I'd already got a fair number of survival games on the list and wanted to make sure I had a variety of genres represented. Here's an interesting bit of indie development economics: your game sells 10,876 copies at an average of $10 per copy.
Fallout 4 is a game with a thousand systems all clicking and whirring behind it’s Boston wasteland.
The complexity, for starters, is not there, the survival element itself is not recreated too well and there are still bugs to be fixed… but unless the DayZ developers decide to make a zombie survival shooter for Android, this remains the best option on the market.
Don’t dismiss the entire genre as a load of brainless clones, some of them are the best games to appear on the PC in years. It’s not often developers make their zombie games beautiful but Tequila Works contrast the overwhelming horror of the clawing undead with enthralling backdrops of a Seattle wasteland.

You’ve no ammo, a crowd of zombies between you and the ledge you have to reach, and not a health pack in sight.
As you move through the campaign you gain access to new, powerful plant types but also face tougher zombies: some come equipped with bucket helmets or American football gear, others are resurrected disco dancers with their own backing group. It's an open world survival game where you search for food, water, and weapons to fight off the zombie horde. You earn cash for kills and for surviving the wave, go down in these early waves and you’ll be struggling later in the match. Maybe not mainstream enough, but it is without a doubt the most comprehensive zombie survival game ever made.
The AI director makes sure that you can never be complacent, spawning a mob of zombies to harry along the slow teams, but it will also throw a spanner at the more able teams, spawning tanks and other specials for the teams that are racing through the map. Then, when you hit the start button, zombies flood in from different entrances around the level.
For another you can strap a car battery up to your machete and electrocute zombies as you hack at them. However, where DayZ's focus is on multiplayer interactions, the Project Zomboid team have delved deeply into the survival simulation.
I suppose we'll have to do with Project Zomboid, which is sort of a dumbed down version of C:DDA (not the same devs though). There are special zombies like the hunter, who will pounce on you from afar, the boomer, who will vomit zombie-attracting bile all over you, and the tank, who's made of muscles that have muscles.

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