In fact, when I was double-checking the links in this post, I saw that the link to the magazine’s site was down (but that may be just a temporary glitch).
As if our situation wasn’t quite dire enough, the magazine painted a picture of all the ways our world as we know it might suddenly end. This Kindle edition is a direct reproduction of articles from the highly sought after print magazine. Survivalist Magazine Issue #2 - Tactical Survival 1, Leon Pantenburg, Robert Scott Bell, Mr.

Outdoor Life magazine has published this definitive survival guide to facing everything from an angry bear, to a tornado, to an armed insurrection. No matter your skill level, this all-in-one volume is a must-have for any outdoor adventurer and survivalist. Air Force Vet Tim Ralston is an avid outdoorsman, an experienced and pro-thinking survivalist and a champion of being prepared in every way. The American-made watch is designed to give an outdoorsman or survivalist everything they need in a jam.

Through the clear-cut guidance of survivalist Creek Stewart, this book walks you through creating a Bug Out, disaster-preparedness kit for 72 hours of independent survival. The more seasoned survivalist might enjoy topics such as surviving in the desert, wild animals, ice climbing, to name but a few.

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