This excerpt has been reprinted with permission from The Extreme Survival Almanac, published by Paladin Press, 2002. Instead you'll experience winter firsthand and learn to stay alive and comfortable in the northern forest using practical skills and techniques we've been using and teaching for a decade. Such well-meaning advice is often given from those who haven't spent any nights out in the winter woods without a tent or sleeping bag, making their untested theories questionable at best.

Topics of instruction include dressing for the elements, making, using, and living with fire, shelters applicable to the northern winter environment, safety, traveling with improvised winter gear, making snowshoes, frostbite and hypothermia awareness and treatment, useful plants available in winter, and more.
That is, if you are unprepared to meet the outdoor survival challenges of this beautiful mountainous landscape. Many people have died in cold weather conditions when just a little knowledge on how to build a simple winter survival shelter would have saved them.

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