Durable and Easy-to-Grip - The "credit card" is made of durable, tempered 301 stainless steel. 100% American and Battle-Tested -These cards are made right here in the USA by a veteran-owned company.
As an avid trout fishermen and outdoorsman I was excited to give the Wilderness Survival Card a try. If for any reason you are not a fan of the READYMAN Wilderness Survival Card, just send it back - and we will promptly refund whatever you paid for shipping and handling. Of course, I always forget something, but the Wilderness Survival Card is small enough to just leave in one of the inside pockets.

The guys over at ReadyMan have come out with an innovative survival kit that everyone should incorporate into there EDC (Every Day Carry). This card fits wherever you need it, and can truly mean the difference between live and death. Plus, You Get an In-Depth Wilderness Survival Training Video, Presented by Special Forces Operators, FREE! The first day I received my card I immediately took it out to a near by creek to see how the hooks would fair. The Wilderness Survival Card is the one piece of gear any outdoorsman should not be without.

With my fishing line wrapped around the card (the winding serrations on the sides of the card was a nice touch) I took some line off, tied on one of the hooks, found a small bug to try as bait, and with my first cast I landed a 12" Rainbow.
With the addition of the snare locks, saw, tweezers, needles, awl, trident, and arrowheads, this card is definitely going in my wallet.

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