Both the Pocket Survival Pak™and Pocket Survival Pak™ PLUSreally do fit in a pocket! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Doug Ritter™ and the Doug Ritter logo Gear supports the non-profit Equipped To Survive Foundation. Six years later, Doug Ritter introduced the upgraded POCKET SURVIVAL PAK™ PLUS which adds a number of nice-to-have items.
By janet This post about the essentials for a Cycle Survival Kit for Back to School, featuring a monthly cycle tracker, has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. I found everything I needed for my cycle survival kit at Walgreens, my favorite place to shop! The Survival Forum™ on ETS is a place for those interested in the subject of survival and survival gear to come together online and exchange ideas and information.
PSP+ Supplemental Survival Instructions: Also printed on waterproof polypropylene based YUPO synthetic "paper" so it won't turn to mush if they get wet, these were written by me specifically for the PSP+. The Whirl-Pak® closure, when sealed in accordance with the provided Supplemental Survival Instructions, is very secure. Coast Guard aegis, commended the Equipped To Survive Foundation, along with sponsors BoatUS Foundation and West Marine, for their combined efforts that identified deficiencies in GPS performance of McMurdo GPS-enabled 406 MHz emergency beacons and subsequent actions to protect boaters from the deficiencies identified. See specific FAQ question on the Survival Instructions for more on what was included and why.
Use this Cycle Survival Kit to boost your spirits, especially in the next month or so for Back to School season.

EOS lip balm – The summer heat can wreak havoc on your lips and dry you out faster than you can get the water in, so EOS lip balm is a must-have for a cycle survival kit. A Gift – Okay, so this one just caught my eye and I thought it would be a great addition to my cycle survival kit.
Early prototypes of what we now referred to as the POCKET SURVIVAL PAK™ PLUS were shown to select retailers and media at the 2009 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show and they responded with serious interest. The groove around the midsection can accept an improvised lanyard ring made from the POCKET SURVIVAL PAK's™ included wire or thread. Very few zipper lock closures are actually secure and waterproof, as it turns out, plus zipper lock closures do not work reliably when folded over and nobody made a zipper lock closure bag of sufficient capacity that had a narrow enough closure that it wouldn't have to be folded. Please note that three days is a minimal time period (in Kobe, Japan, it was nine days before many survivors received food and water) and that you should have at least a two-week supply of food stored in or around your home (a thirty day supply is better, and a lot of folks are building up their food storage to cover periods of 6 months to a year, or even more). Cryptosporidium is a tough-to-kill nasty bug that is common in agricultural areas, can make you very sick for a long period of time (and can kill older folks and young kids), and can survive treatment with traditional chlorine and iodine solutions, though it is easily killed with a UV blast from a SteriPen, filtered out with a good micro filter, or killed by boiling. I put a few of the cloths in a baggie to carry in my cycle survival kit so I can clean up when needed. Truly a breath of fresh air for the southern New Hampshire area and my favorite place to grab a coffee :) Plus the store is filled with gorgeous gifts and flowers to browse through.
The original POCKET SURVIVAL PAK™ remains the best survival kit at its price point of under $35, which was our goal.
This latter information, particularly, can help you get the most out of this survival kit in an emergency and help you to be even better equipped to survive®.

You may purchase ready-made, 72-hour kits from various survival supply outlets, or you can put together your own. Throw in a special gift for yourself because back to school and surviving your cycle means that you deserve something special that makes you feel better about yourself. The new Unit will also help Bedford prevent the contamination of local landfills and water supplies from unused medication.
A design goal of the original POCKET SURVIVAL PAK™ was that the kit would not contain any life-limited items. Aerospace Council, Aircraft Division, S-9 Cabin Safety Provisions Committee, and the S-9A Subcommittee - Safety Equipment and Survival Systems, Doug participates in the development of standards, procedures and recommended practices for related systems on transport category aircraft.
Fresnel Lens Magnifier - 2 x 3 inches: The primary purpose of this magnifier is to make it easier to read the relatively small print of the Survival Instructions, particularly if eye glasses or contacts are lost.
In times like these, the majority of survivors are left to fend for themselves for several days, and sometimes for weeks or months.

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