Thanks largely to TV programs that show people weaponizing their vehicles and stockpiling food in amounts that would make a Costco warehouse groan in protest, there are many unflattering preconceptions about disaster preparedness.
The organizers of the Sustainable Preparedness Expo, however, hope to show folks that planning for survival after a long- or short-term calamity isn't about hunkering down in a bunker. P5 Preparedness, a prepper supply store that opened last August on East Brainerd Road, is a sponsor of this year's expo. Waller says the expo will offer him a chance to network with potential customers but also show them that, contrary to their depiction on shows such as National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers," many preppers are normal, concerned people. Tangalos, the talk show host, believes Obama is expediting the arrival of the Islamic Antichrist.

Such is the concept of National Geographic Channel‘s new reality show Doomsday Preppers, which profiles Americans who have taken extreme measures to plan for a forthcoming apocalypse — whether natural disaster, nuclear war or economic crisis. Prepper Tim Ralston of Arizona views destruction of the electrical grid caused by an electromagnetic pulse weapon or solar flares as his worst-case scenario.
Owner Seth Waller is a local Boy Scoutmaster with 15 years of experience as a survival consultant. Nick Meissner says the popularity of the expo's debut reaffirmed their research that showed a large percentage of people near Chattanooga are interested in learning more about living a sustainable lifestyle and disaster preparation.
In the series premiere, viewers meet a retired couple who have 50,000 pounds of food stored in their doomsday-proof home built of steel shipping containers, an urban survivalist in Los Angeles prepping for a severe earthquake and a young, outgoing Texan ready to bug out when an oil crisis creates havoc.

He opened his business -- one of only a handful of brick-and-mortar preparedness supply stores -- to help would-be preppers by offering an inventory of hard-to-find supplies they would otherwise have to scrounge for on the Internet.
During the Clinton years, camo-clad survivalists prepared for the black-helicopter invasion, and Y2K briefly made prepperism mainstream. Both the National Geographic Channel and Glenn Beck TV have gotten into the game with their reality shows Doomsday Preppers and Independence USA.

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