An introduction to survival preparation for those interested in storing—as opposed to hoarding—emergency provisions. If you want to be prepared to survive, the three main things you'll need to stockpile are food, water, and medicine.
USDA Bulletin G77, Family Food Stockpile for Survival, gives a nutritionally sound program for a two-week period and could be multiplied to cover a year's time.Most of us, of course, can't just go out and buy a year's supply of food (or even an extra two weeks' supply, probably, with prices as they are right now). Our pre-made 72-hour elite combo packs are equipped for everyone from the survivalist to families who might desire a flexible combo backpack all at once in order to gain peace of mind in knowing that a pre-assembled kit will cover the basic needs of their family.
In addition, a nutritionist friend of mine has told me that many prisoners failed to survive the early period of their captivity simply because they couldn't assimilate and digest the unfamiliar diet they were forced to consume. Having said all that, I still believe that something is going to happen because of the big preparation by the world governments.

Some couldn't adjust, physically, to the strange food and manner of preparation in time to save already weakened or ill bodies. Planting Sweet Potatoes The Three Most Important Survival Skills According to Grandpa I quit!
Disaster Preparation Marpat Bugout Kit – Complete Survival Bag for Almost All Emergencies.
One day in my health food store I browsed across Minuteman Survival Tabs, from VIVA, Division of Biolab Corporation.
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Well, we have survived this before and we were not as advanced as back then, so maybe we can survive.

As many Americans found out during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy: you may need to survive on your own after an emergency. Your 72-hour bag and the supplies you prepare to keep at home should contain items to help you survive during these events.
The product is probably meant for survival under other conditions than I have in mind—for use in case one got lost backpacking, for instance—but you can bet they're now part of my emergency rations.What I've said is meant as a brief introduction for those who are interested in a short-term storage plan.

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