Potable aqua tabs are used by some of the top aid and relief organizations worldwide, meaning it's a great and dependable way to secure safe drinking water for you and loved ones. In total, the H20 Water Survival Kit gives you access to over 6.5 gallons of safe, clean water.
Plus, you can also re-purpose an empty water pouch as a measuring scoop to make sure you are always using the correct ratio of purifying tablets to water. 4 Scoops of Water Using the Empty Emergency Water Pouch + 1 Water Purifying Tablet = 16 ounces of clean and safe drinking water.

Add 1 water purification tablet for every 4 scoops of water for 16 ounces of clean drinking water.
A natural disaster could cause water lines to shut down for days or there could be a last-second water shut-off in your city. As an individual, this kit will cover your water needs for six days; for a pair of people, your water survival needs are covered for three days.
The H20 Water Survival Kit ensures that your water survival needs are met and you do not have to suffer!

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