All of life’s little pleasures that we take for granted, like cooking and eating our favorite foods, will undergo some drastic changes when disaster strikes. Put your cooking pot over the empty vertical shaft and let the heat from the tunnel cook the food.
We have available to us (in the grocery stores) many foods that are already processed in a way that does not necessarily require cooking, and are already free of bacteria and other harmful substances. The food in a survival kit should be selected such that they will not necessarily require cooking. An important consideration for survival cooking is to have a backup plan in case you run out of petroleum based fuels for your portable cooking stoves.
Most people we know use electricity and we always ask them if they have an alternative way to cook food and they always come up short. After the electricity came back on I got a Coleman dual burner propane stove where each burner can be used separately.
I love the chance to practice with our alternative cooking methods,so I too look forward to a major storm. Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof.
If the power goes out (grid down) and the electricity is off for a period of time, you will need an alternative method of cooking without electricity.
One obvious cooking alternative is by way of a wood fire, perhaps with a cooking grate placed over it supported by logs, stones, bricks, etc. Your barbeque grill is a likely option for cooking without electricity (until you run out of fuel), be it charcoal or propane gas. I use the liquid fuel model because it seems a bit more rugged, it holds larger pots without issue, it will heat up very quickly, and I’ve simply been familiar with it for many years.

A one gallon can of Coleman fuel will provide quite a lot of cooking time, and is well worth stocking several, or more, in your survival preps if you have this type of stove. During emergency cooking without electricity, be aware of safety considerations – especially since this is not your normal way of cooking. As a kid I remember my mother cooking in the fireplace after we lost power in the winter during a storm.
Remember in SHTF situation, the smell of your cooking can travel a long way, and wood fire smell can travel miles. The smell of your cooking will travel and if anyone smells it they will come looking for the source when they are hungry and have a family to feed looking for a handout. If you can your food, before the shtf, there is no cooking involved, no smells generated, no time spent cooking, and, no fuel used. We have more redundancy with cooking than any other activity because we grow so much of our own food and we need to preserve much of it, and we also cook everything from scratch.
I haven’t personally tried this method of cooking but am very interested in doing so.
A while back I wrote an article about cooking without power, but when I wrote it, I was assuming that going outside to cook wouldn’t be a problem. Not so sure if the propane inside is that big of a deal if your only cooking and not trying to use it to heat.
Without electricity or other sources of commercial fuel, modern gas and electric stoves are nothing more than scrap metal. This method of cooking can be done in semi- open areas because of the small amount of visible smoke. Using black mason jars inside an oven roaster bag will improve heat retention and speed up cooking.

For example, canned foods can be safely eaten without cooking because they have already undergone a process which destroys harmful bacteria. On the contrary, survival food storage in your home should consist of a well rounded variety, some of which will certainly require cooking. I cooked with a sterno stove to heat water for tea, cooking rice and instant mashed potatoes. Preferably you’ll have a protected outdoor area for cooking which will make it a bit easier during bad weather. Nonetheless a solar oven is yet another alternative method of cooking if you are so inclined.
Plus a Traeger smoker than does use a little electricity, but my solar generator can handle that with no problem. Electricity is the single most important system that we rely upon in our modern world today. I would suggest due to the fact that noodles,rice & etc swells when cooking you might want to use the soup type wide mouth thermos. Unless the disaster is enormous in scope, having natural gas to your home will ensure the ability to cook, even without electricity, because most gas stove-top burners will light with a match – although the oven might not light due to modern electronics even in gas stoves.
Herein lies the purpose of this post… to think about what you would do without electricity as it pertains to survival cooking.

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