An introduction to survival preparation for those interested in storing—as opposed to hoarding—emergency provisions. If life were a movie, you would need Brad Pitt or the father-son duo of Will and Jaden Smith in order to survive the end of the world. Atlas Survival Shelters builds every type of shelter available, from round corrugated pipe to smooth high pressure propane tanks, from fabricated square shelters to concrete monolythic domes to preformed concrete homes.The strongest shelter is a concrete monolythic dome and will take a near direct nuclear blast.
Beware of unscrupulous companies making metal square shelters and claiming them to be bomb shelters when they are nothing more than a tornado shelter at best and burried only 1-3 feet deep and do not have a quality NBC air filtration system or have a home-built air system with no manual overide crank. Wilderness Survival - includes what steps to take, decision making and stress management (survival psychology), signaling for help, building shelters and fires, finding food and water, and more. Home Survival Kit and Preparations - also known as a 72 hour survival kit, it includes water, food, first aid supplies, personal items, equipment and sanitation. When you’re thinking of home defense in terms of what is the best weapon to shoot an intruder with, you might have lost the game already. Consider placing closed circuit cameras preferably covering the entire space around your home. Install tiny hidden cameras outside the home, covering all doors giving access to your house.
When you’ve installed the things described above you will have made you home a tough fortress to take, for any intruder.
For that reason I’ll be implementing the same strategy I use outside the home, inside the home.

Strong enough to host the Atlas nuclear missile in the 1960s, this home will keep you safe in a living space with steel walls 40 feet underground. All Atlas Survival Shelters are designed to be buried at least 10' below the surface which allows us to put in our new proprietary geo-thermal cooling system. You’re far better of not having to go through a home invasion at all than you are to having to deal with one. In most cases that front door is also the only way into the apartment, which makes concentrating your efforts easier then when you own, say, a large free standing home. A single AirGEN provides the capability of surviving isolation from the outside atmosphere for up to a week without electrical power and indefinitely using any 6-34V DC power supply. With radioactive fallout decaying rapidly with time, using the AirGEN to isolate the outside atmosphere ensures a better chance of ensuring your survival following a nuclear attack. At first the thought of me not having a gun to defend myself against a (probably armed) home invader was a bit unsettling. In case you think the home invader will breach your door before the police arrives you can use pepper spray from one floor above him.
Shown below is the 1961 pamphlet that was handed out to home owners during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Unfortunately many people die unnecessary in natural disasters, due partly to a lack of survival preparedness. There are however enough things you can do to secure your home, without the need for guns, and still have a good nights sleep.

Cameras providing you with a 360 degree view around your home give you accurate information necessary to react adequately to the situation.
I’m pretty sure that when the day comes that hungry people are looking for a home to raid for food they still have about the same instincts. So don't allow a few dollars - or a few hundred or thousand, depending on your needs - to stand between you and your family's survival and peace of mind. When protecting your home you should use these instincts to your advantage as a natural deterrent.
USDA Bulletin G77, Family Food Stockpile for Survival, gives a nutritionally sound program for a two-week period and could be multiplied to cover a year's time.Most of us, of course, can't just go out and buy a year's supply of food (or even an extra two weeks' supply, probably, with prices as they are right now).
In addition, a nutritionist friend of mine has told me that many prisoners failed to survive the early period of their captivity simply because they couldn't assimilate and digest the unfamiliar diet they were forced to consume.
If you can or keep home-grown vegetables in a root cellar—or put food by in any other way—such stores should also be logged. One day in my health food store I browsed across Minuteman Survival Tabs, from VIVA, Division of Biolab Corporation. The product is probably meant for survival under other conditions than I have in mind—for use in case one got lost backpacking, for instance—but you can bet they're now part of my emergency rations.What I've said is meant as a brief introduction for those who are interested in a short-term storage plan.

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