Being aware of what’s going on and general situational awareness was considered as very helpful as well. How to keep a level head and think through a situation no matter if it is shooting, driving, hunting or what ever. Starting a fire and general wilderness survival skills were valued highly as well (along with hunting). Glock-e-tool-shotThe Glock Entrenching Tool extends into a 25-inch-long shovel with a triangular-shaped blade. Glock-e-tool-housed-in-handleHoused in the handle is a sturdy tool steel saw that works as well on hardwoods as it does on roots. Glock-e-tool-newleadHoused in the handle is a sturdy tool steel saw that works as well on hardwoods as it does on roots. A good folding knife is better than no knife but most often fixed blade knifes or survival knifes such as this, this, this or this were mentioned.

Those who mentioned guns preferred Glocks (17, 21 and 30 were mentioned) and different Ruger guns were also mentioned several times (besides all sorts of others like Colt, Keltec and so on but just Glocks and Rugers were mentioned repeatedly). We now have both water bath and pressure canners, so we can do fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. I can handle weapons of many kinds, reload ammo and am accurate with a handgun, rifle, shotgun. Being able to see the issues around you and not let them consume you but more so place them into perspective.
It’s a rugged tool well suited to camp chores and rugged enough for emergency shelter building.
The head is made of hardened steel and is treated with an anti-corrosive finish for rust resistance. Often when we talk survival gear, we’re looking at nifty knives that combine a plethora of features into one compact package, new and innovative ways to make fire in even the most extreme circumstances or even ways to signal for help that will be visible from low earth orbit.

People who would take a rifle most often would take a .22 LR rifle (such as this or of course the classic Marlin 60) while some also mentioned assault rifles as their weapons of choice (AK 47 and AR 15).
While all of that stuff is important, and often a lot of fun, the fact remains that the core functions of surviving being lost or stranded in the woods, or getting through a natural disaster of some sort, are generally pretty simple affairs and often simple tools will do just fine.
Communication, networking with others and escape and evasion skills were also mentioned a few times.
The entrenching tool, or e-tool, does a pretty decent job at digging, but folds up compactly when not needed and is pretty easy to store. Yep, the same folks that make the myriad of polymer police pistols also make an entrenching tool for the Austrian Army, and it’s available to everyone.

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