When Child Development Center was founded 30 years ago, it was one of the only special needs schools in the state. Conducting a competitive landscape review to assess other special needs schools in New Jersey.
Interviewing with child study teams responsible for referring students to special needs schools. The name Westbridge Academy was selected for its suggestion of the school serving as a bridge between students special needs and their return to the regular school environment. The website portrays a fresh new look and helps keep parents and educators at the school districts informed about school activities and news related to special needs education. Since the school districts are responsible for referring students who need special help, we created a newsletter to help them learn more about Westbridge Academy and the types of students they can best help.

After the rebranding, and newsletters, the school is reversing its five year decline in student enrollment. The new name removes the misperceptions and stigma associated with the old name, and positions the school positively in the new school landscape.
The audience for the brochure are the special needs departments at schools aimed towards getting referrals. An easy to use website promoting the right qualities of the school features a calendar of events, photo gallery, and a blog.
The newsletter conveys the school’s hands-on, integrated approach to learning, student activities, community involvement and professional development. When you work with us, you get the best of marketing strategy and creative ideas focused on your needs.

It is now able to highlight its strengths, attract new students, and convey the professional nature of the school. Every article in the newsletter focuses on a specific attribute of the school that is important for the districts to know about the school. First, the world ”Child” was inaccurate since the school expanded past elementary school to high school. And third, students were embarrassed to say that they went to a ”Development Center” and so the acronym CDC was often used, losing all meaning for the school.

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