In agreeing to participate in the NPR story, the Lees did what other parents of kids with special needs regularly do through blogging and social media: let people in on their lives. A commenter on that Facebook post I read on the train noted, "What I find weird is stuff that runs something like, 'You should never complain about things that are hard for you again because this person with a disability climbed a mountain.' In other words, the person with a disability is being depersonalized and being made to stand in for ALL HARDSHIP EVER.
I hope the adults with disabilities out there who rightly rail against inspiration porn can cut parents of kids with special needs a little slack. With the old card, you also had to explain your child's needs to a cast member at Guest Relations. If your child can't handle the wait, let the person taking your info for the DAS Card know—you could get re-ad passes just for that. Take a cue from the birds: If you're at Disneyland with a kid who has special needs, tell Guest Relations exactly what will make the visit yours, yours, yours. In this case the person is directly seeing you as a successful person with a disability similar to her kids, meaning that she sees you as a person first, which is pretty rad." The woman who'd written the post responded, "That is a really good way of looking at it. Your child does not need to be present to get a return time, so you or your partner or your carrier pigeon can go to the Guest Relations kiosk.
This is a whole other story; people often fail to understand that these are our children, with their unique needs, and we love and care for them because we are their parents and that is what parents do. Another kind of inspiration porn: exalting kids with special needs for participating in sports teams or going to proms.

The Disability Access Service Card is here to stay, and as parents of kids with special needs know all too well how to do, you have to adapt to it. Even if you think that advocating for your child in The Happiest Place on Earth doesn't seem quite right, the truth is the better they understand your child's needs, the more accommodating they can be. I never felt like we were sacrificing family time; each of us got to spend special time with the kids, and let them enjoy the parks in their own way. I wasn't up for explaining Max's needs all over again, and I left in frustration and later went to California Adventure's Chamber of Commerce.
Being able to get return times at both rides and kiosks would give parents of kids with special needs and people with disabilities more options—and the more, the magical-er.
It's good for the length of your stay, or 14 days if you're a local or annual pass holder after which you need to get a new one. I needed to hear there were kids doing these things and making progress, because doctors hadn't left us with much hope. While I don't have a special needs child, I feel fortunate to have an interesting insight because my uncle worked with adults with cognitive challenges and I had the privilege to spend a lot of time with him and them when I was a child.
Rather than talking about being inspired, we should talk about how this person gives us hope for our children.
Perhaps your readers with disabilities or special needs could suggest other ways that we could respond.

I take my Grandaughter everywhere but have to say I feel more at ease and understood at events where other Special needs families are and have an understanding! As a learning disabled individual, I never look at people like my dear childhood friend, for instance, who has cerebral palsy, and think that. As a misunderstood often made fun of oddball growing up, this very special girl was, easily, my most faithful friend of all!! Personally, I very much want parents of special needs kids to meet adults with disabilities, see what the possibilities are, and maybe engage in conversation about disability from the disabled person's perspective. She's wondering where the olives are, and someone suddenly wants to talk about inspiration and what the future holds for disabled children. Though slightly different, even as a disabled person, I find myself inspired by other disabled people at times.

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